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10 November 2006

Make your computer talk

“We see the talking computer as the gateway to literacy, learning, work and financial independence for blind people and our mission is to make the blind-friendly talking software available worldwide.”

The talking computer is the modern Braille. With a talking computer, a blind person can gain or regain the ability to read, write, send and receive letters, keep up to date with the news… enjoy the internet as any sighted person is able to do. It helps create independence and gives blind people the tools to live an active and fulfilled life. supplies free software for blind and visually-impaired people throughout the world. The inspiration for this came from two blind people in Peterborough and Sensory Software Ltd in Manchester.

The software is free only to individual blind people for their personal use at home; others are asked to pay. The range of voices that will work with ScreenReader must be loaded into the speech folder; some are free and some you pay for.

Find out more and download the software at:

What you can do

Tell any blind or visually impaired people you know about ScreenReader. Help them download the software on to their PC. Guide them towards making the first keystrokes to get them going. The help you offer will improve their quality of life.

Circulate information about ScreenReader to all your friends, to local employers, to anyone and everyone who might be interested.

Help the blind read!


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Screen reader is helpful for the blind person, surly i will help such people to use these software!

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i like this

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