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10 May 2007

Dirty graffiti

Sprayonmud is a specially formulated spray-on product for anyone that wants to give friends, neighbours, colleagues or just anyone at all, the impression that they have been off-road or, at the very least, out in the country for the weekend.

If you’ve got a 4X4 or off-roader, Sprayonmud will send a message to anyone who disapproves or is just plain envious – you use your off-roader, off the road as well as on it.

Sprayonmud is NOT to be used to obscure number-plates or the lights on your vehicle. This, of course, is illegal and while it is not an endorsable offence, if your number plates cannot be read at a reasonable distance – or photographed by a speed camera – you could face a hefty fine. 

Sprayonmud comes in an easy-to-use plastic bottle which is just the right size for hiding in a green Wellington boot. Keep it in your garage, car or anywhere you like. Sprayonmud can be applied to your vehicle in seconds, but just be careful the neighbours don’t catch you using it! And remember, you’ve been visiting friends in the country!

This is from the Sprayonmud website. At just £7.95 including postage and packing it could be a bargain! But there is another use – as spray on graffiti. Just as you can write “Clean me” with your finger on a dirty car, so you could write “SUV off” or “Climate criminal” or “Big cars suck” using Sprayonmud on a windshield or on the car itself as part of your campaign to shame drivers of 4x4s.

Buy Sprayonmud (it can be shipped around the world) from:

From the Guardian: It could be the ultimate accessory for the 4x4-driving city dweller: spray-on mud. A few squirts and neighbours will think you spent the weekend hurtling along muddy lanes looking for a country retreat, rather than sitting in traffic on the way to drop the kids off before your yoga class.

Like many of the best ideas, spray-on mud was dreamed up over a couple of drinks down at the local. "We were in the pub talking about how people drive these huge, pristine vehicles around cities and never have any intention of going near the countryside," said Colin Dowse, a business consultant in Shropshire who markets the product. "With spray-on mud, they can make it look like they've been off-road instead of just driving to the shops and back."

There is nothing special about the mud, which is collected locally, but before it is bottled it has to be filtered to remove any stones and other debris that could mark the vehicle's bodywork.

Alan Weavis, who works in advertising and is based in Hammersmith, west London, bought a bottle of spray-on mud for a friend's birthday. "He's got this huge 4x4 Porsche Cayenne and as far as I know it's never ever been to the country," he said. "I thought it was a funny present. It went down really well with everyone, although he thought I was taking the mickey. Which is exactly what I was doing."


Blogger cdowse said...

Hi Michael - sadly your readers will not be able to purchase mud until I get back to Shrewsbury as I am on holiday in the US until the beginning of June when I will be able to satisfy all orders. I am so glad that our product is still making a splash over two years after the product launch in front of TV cameras at our secret Shropshire mud mine - Colin Dowse

1:47 pm  

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