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12 January 2009

Change the world at

The new US President used two catchphrases in his speeches “Change” and “Yes we can”. is a social action network where you can: learn about causes; connect to good people and non-profits; and take action.

You can also submit or vote on ideas for change in America. For example, here’s an idea that’s particularly relevant:

Appoint Secretary of Peace in Department of Peace and Non-Violence: Our planet, our media, our social interactions, our homes all suffer from the epidemic of inter-personal violence and warfare that plagues America. With the establishment of a Department of Peace and Non-Violence, with a respected Secretary of Peace in the President's Cabinet, and a program to reduce violence in cities, nations, and even in our homes, we will all benefit from the growth of a culture of peace. 
While this is a new layer of the Federal Government, it is a positive force for change, for handling the rage and violence that has cost our country billions in emergency rooms, police protection, broken homes and marriages. This is not an attempt to circumvent or replace the Department of Defense nor to co-opt the Department of State. This is a new entity, in the President's Cabinet, a Department dedicated to training peace-keepers, educating our children, and suggesting non-violent alternatives to hostility, and war.
We are asking for a motive and a method to counteract violence, with positive potentials for resolution of conflict, by individuals trained to work with local, state and national approaches, building a United States that no longer glorifies warfare and deadly force, but brings to the table a sincere desire for peace, and a methodology to achieve it. – Submitted by Stephen Zendt (Senior Citizen working in Financial Services, Walnut Creek, California). is a social entrepreneurship venture based in San Francisco, CA. The company was founded by Ben Rattray in the summer of 2005. launched the first version of its website in 2007. Our Vision: Today as citizens of the world, we face a daunting array of social and environmental problems ranging from health care and education to global warming and economic inequality. For each of these issues, whether local or global in scope, there are millions of people who care passionately about working for change but lack the information and opportunities necessary to translate their interest into effective action. aims to address this need by serving as the central platform informing and empowering movements for social change around the most important issues of our time.

Have fun browsing the ideas on this website:
Take action on issues. Be part of the change.


Anonymous said...

I believe I can change the world.
I believe you can change the world.
I will never be a part of the corrupt political parties that ruined our country.
I believe that all laws should conform to one simple philosophy – if it harms no one, do as you will.
I believe that every person who votes should prove they deserve their right to vote either through public or military service.
I believe that no person who receives wages from federal or state governments should vote in an election that could affect their wages.
I believe that the current federal government has far exceeded its mandate.
I am going to change the world. When I am done, the world will be better… it will be worse… it will be different… most of all, it will be free.

As I write these words, this declaration of honor and worth, I am at the end of my endurance. I am truly afraid this nation has fallen too far from the ideals and principles which once made it great to ever recover. The lawyer-politicians have voted themselves a pay raise too many times on the credit of the American people to deserve anymore second chances. Vote no confidence in every election… our state and federal governments no longer deserve our faith. Vote for me as a write in candidate in every election, I can’t do any worse than the morons currently in office. Vote for me because I believe I can change the world. Vote for me because I believe you can change the world. My name is Erin Patrick Spencer. My social is 635-09-5312. My cell number is 936-414-4597. If you believe, then I will change the world. If I believe, then you will change the world.

6:55 am  

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