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30 May 2007

Zero Point Energy

A new technology to address global warming. Is it science fact or fiction?

The recent IPCC Report on Climate Change states that avoiding a global cataclysm by 2050 will require a drastic reduction in the use of fossil fuels no later than 2015. This could come about by lifestyle changes by the billions in the rich world, the emerging world and the poor world. Or it could come through governmental and international regulation. Or it could happen through a technological advance which would make the burning of fossil fuels no longer necessary.

This article is about one such new technology. It has been submitted by Mark Goldes, CEO of Magnetic Power Inc (MPI), a company which is trying to harness magnetic technologies for generating energy.

Take a look at the idea, explore it further on the internet. Wikipedia is skeptical. But type “Zero Point energy” into and “Zero Point” into, and read what comes up. See what you think.

There are very few realistic steps that can be taken rapidly enough that will substantially reduce the need for coal, oil and other carbon producing fuels in a mere eight years. Most conventional renewable alternatives (solar, wind, waves, fuel-cells) cannot possibly meet the challenge fast enough. Biofuel may be an exception, but will have an impact on the world’s food supply. Nuclear plants take ten years to begin operation.

Radical new energy conversion systems might be the missing ingredient. One could be magnetic energy conversion. Constructed using either rotary or solid-state electronic components, it could produce power indefinitely, without the need for fuel or recharge.

Up until now, this magnetic energy has never been utilized in any practical way, although it may have first been tapped in 1874 by Wesley Gary, a Pennsylvania inventor. A Harper’s article describing his patented device can be found on the internet. A magnetic generator without moving parts was demonstrated by Hans Coler in Germany in 1926. By 1937, an example large enough to power a house (or recharge submarine batteries) resulted in support being given by Hitler’s navy. The Allies bombed the laboratory late in World War II. In 1946, a British Intelligence report (now available on the web) indicated that the achievement was genuine.

This previously unutilized source of power might prove to be what scientists label Zero Point Energy (ZPE). Richard Feynman, a winner of the Nobel Prize, and John Wheeler, a protégé of Einstein, calculated there was sufficient ZPE in the volume of a seemingly empty coffee cup to evaporate Earth’s oceans. Physicist Harold Puthoff has stated that employing ZPE to power the entire planet would be like dipping a thimble into the sea. The March 1st 2004 issue of Aviation Week and Space Technology had an article headlining the fact that ZPE is no longer science fiction. The US Department of Defense is supporting ZPE research and development. BAE Systems is seeking to develop ZPE to power Mach 4 fighter aircraft and high-speed passenger planes.

If this can be made to work, it will open the door to products that will operate with no need for fuel or any plug into the grid. Batteries will become obsolete. Variations of these generators can be made as small as AA cells and large enough to power electric automobiles.

MPI’s Magnetic Power Modules™ can be connected together to produce large amounts of power, in a similar manner to solar panels. Preliminary data suggests a 1 kilowatt package may be about 5” x 8” x 12”. These modules could be linked to create generators for homes. Generation of utility grade power could eventually be installed at the point of use without the need for transmission lines.

The technology is being explored around the world. It is approaching pre-manufacturing stage. Mass production may not be far off. [Mark Goldes]

Magnetic Power Inc:


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