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19 November 2007

How to smoke in public places without breaking the law

With smoking being banned in public places such as cinemas, bars and restaurants in more and more countries – in England the ban came in on 1st July 2007 – smokers are having to improvise, if they want to continue getting their nicotine fix whilst going for a night out. Suddenly pubs have taken over the streets outside, with people having a great deal of fun and laughter, whilst continuing to ignore government health warnings on smoking. Apart from the streets sometimes being ankle-deep in cigarette butts, this seems a perfect response to what some see as the nanny state at work – and non-smokers can eat, drink and watch films without having to breathe in other people’s smoke.

But now someone has developed a technological solution. This is an electronic “cigarette” which allows people to smoke wherever they want without breaking the law or spoiling it for other people. This new gizmo is a battery-powered and creates “puffs” of nicotine vapour that smokers inhale to get their nicotine fix. This is produced by an atomiser, and is just nicotine. There is no tar, no cancer causing chemicals, no carbon monoxide, no cigarette butts. The “cigarette” even lights up red at the tip, and it comes in a range of strengths from 16 milligrams of nicotine down to nothing. It costs $175 including a charger and batteries, and will last for around 350 drags which is equivalent to 30 smokes, until it needs a refill. E-cigars and pipes are also available.

This e-cigarette is produced in China by Ruyan:

It is available on the internet, for example, from:

If you want to deal with the butts problem, get a pocket ashtray from Butts Out. Use it or give it to your smoker friends.


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