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16 January 2008

Write a letter to yourself is a website where you can write yourself a letter and have it delivered to you at some later date which you specify. This could be in at the end of the year or in two years time or after ten or even twenty-five years. What you put in your letter and when you receive it is entirely up to you to decide. You might want to write to yourself about your aspirations and what you would like to have achieved, or the sort of person that you would really like to have become. You might want to write about the threat of global warming from today’s perspective and what you are doing to counter it. You might want to give yourself some advice for how to live the rest of your life.

Here is a letter selected at random from the FutureMe website. You can also buy a book containing a selection of Dear FutureMe letters.

Three decades ago, you were sitting around, browsing the web, (does that even exist anymore?) checking out, and writing to yourself. Damn you were boring.

Your birthday is in a week. You're gonna be how old? The 'right now' me is going to be 25 in a week's time. That means you're gonna be 55 years old!


What have you done with the last three decades? Did you make a change in the world?

You used to be a political fire-brand. An unabashed liberal. Not afraid to stand up for what you believed in. The big question is, are you still???

Or did you wuss out, buy a house, start a family and get old, fat and lazy? Did you get content? Please tell me you didn't.

If you did, why?

Ahh well...

Visit the website. Write a letter to yourself.


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