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15 April 2009

Pitch your ideas for changing the world

Social entrepreneurs take note. Here’s an opportunity to get your entrepreneurial ideas to a wider audience. As part of it’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, the Virgin Atlantic airline is launching a new show, PitchTV, which will air onboard and will also be available online here.

Virgin Atlantic is inviting entrepreneurs in search of investment and exposure for their business ideas to upload a 2-minute video pitch. Virgin Atlantic staff will vote for their favourite and each month. The winning videos will feature on Virgin Atlantic’s PitchTV show which will air on the inflight entertainment system – and give exposure to thousands of business professionals flying Virgin Atlantic. Any viewer interested in hearing more about a pitched idea will then be able to get in contact and maybe help take the idea further.

“When I was starting out, I wish I could have had the chance to pitch my business ideas directly to people who could help make my ambitions a reality. We can now make that happen for you. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, we’re giving you the unique opportunity of getting your ideas by top business professionals from around the world on board Virgin Atlantic planes as well online. Who knows – among the viewers might be someone with the power to bring your idea to life.” – Richard Branson

All you have to do is film yourself delivering the very best pitch possible, but make sure it’s no longer than 2 minutes. Then simply upload your video pitch on

Each year, Branson will also personally select his favourite pitch, and the winner will receive a special prize, details to be revealed later. In the meantime, get your ideas sorted, film yourself, upload your video, and good luck!


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