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04 March 2007

Become a mystery diner

Big restaurant chains require continuous customer feedback to help them maintain standards of quality and service.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch; but you may be able to get a free meal for yourself and up to three friends if you are prepared to provide feedback on your dining experience next day. You can do this through MysteryDining. The procedure is as follows:

1. Apply on line to become a Mystery Diner
2. If your application is successful, then you sign up to the terms and conditions of Mystery Dining.
3. You read the “Diner Handbook” and then answer some questions.
4. You view available Dines, and if you are interested, you call to discuss and then book yourself in for that date.
5. You preview a questionnaire, and confirm that you have done this.
6. You then go out and eat. Enjoy your meal. But be discrete and observant.
7. After the meal, complete the questionnaire and return this by noon the next day.
8. You need to remain available to answer any questions.
9. The cost of your meal is then credited to your bank account.

Sign up as a Mystery Diner and help maintain or improve the quality of chain restaurant dining:


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